Huda Beauty Life Liner Duo Pencil & Liquid Eyeliner


  • Brand: Huda Beauty
  • Product Code: HUDA BEAUTY 21
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The ultimate life-proof, double-sided eyeliner with a liquid tip on one side and pencil on the other. Durable, waterproof, smudge-resistant, and thread-resistant.

Finally, a liner that you can trust to stay while remaining super -matte and super black.

• Up to 48 hours of wear

• Dual-ended

• Intense Black

• Smudgeproof

• Based on Liquid Liner

Liquid liner:

1. Open the liquid side of the liner and wipe off any excess formula from the brush

2. Start with the outer corner of your eye and start to create your wing by working inwards towards the center of your eyelid

3. Complete the line from the inner corner of the eye and connect the two lines in the middle of the eyelid filling in any negative space

4. Depending on how thick the cord is, let it dry for approx. 60 seconds. The thicker the liner, the longer it takes to dry.

Pencil Liner:

1. Complete your look or apply along your lash and/or waterline for added drama

2. We've given it a little bit of game time so you can experiment with your look before setting the formulas.

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