MISS ROSE Rotating Concealer


  • Brand: Miss Rose
  • Product Code: missrose0121
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Product Details About MISS ROSE Rotating Concealer


Beautifies and brightens the complexion

Gives a multi-dimensional, sculptural look

Color: 6 colors available

Easy to mix, buildable color

Waterproof and durable


Perfect for highly sensitive skin,

With excellent hiding power, silky texture,

The make-up is easy to apply so that no mistakes are left behind.

Waterproof and sweat-resistant make-up light, sustainable, and natural.

Riliang moist texture, both to cover the flaws, but also as high light usage,

Remove the skin dull, delicate, and delicate to take care of every detail,

Concealer can effectively cover acne spots and blunt areas such as dark circles under the eyes.

Convenient rotating packaging for precise dosing control

Size: 9x3x3cm

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