Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette


  • Brand: Huda Beauty
  • Product Code: HUDA BEAUTY 08
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A dynamic eyeshadow palette with 18 shades in 4 unique textures: 1 dazzling glitter effect, 8 creamy mattes, 6 shimmering pearl shades, and 3 duo-chrome tops.

What It Does:

Adventure on an exotic Arabian journey with Huda Beauty's latest eyeshadow palette. This rich colour palette features 18 versatile shades that can be moved infinitely to create a huge selection of looks with just one colour palette. Layer different textures to create unique combinations or add smooth matte shades with a duo-chrome topper. From subtle, natural looks to dramatic statements and bold glitter looks, this palette becomes your new essential ingredient for all your make-up routines.

This Palette Includes:

  • Eight Matte Shades: Highly pigmented hues in bright purple and ochre and sandy nude tones provide buttery application and extended wear comfort. Blazing, saffron, amethyst, oud, amber, Eden, musk, desert sand
  • Six Pressed Pearls: Pure pressed pearls in shades of plum, bronze and pink create a shimmering, velvety finish that is effortlessly applied to matte lids to add depth and shine.
  • Three Duo-Chrome Topper: An exquisite, easy-to-shift formula in three enchanting shades with a duo-chrome effect. Use these transformative shades alone for a glow or finish a layer.
  • One Pure3 pure glitter texture for a bold look. (Cosmo)

How To:

Duo Chrome Toppers: Use a brush to blend the light into the shade of the base, or dab your finger on the lid to maximize the shine.

Glitter: Apply the pure glitter to the whole eye with a flat brush with stiff bristles, or use it as a glitter liner with a liner brush

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